10 Must Do’s to Get Your Home Ready for Sale


To appeal to most buyers, getting your home ready for sale is crucial. We look at the 10 best ways to get your property ready for photographs, viewings, and getting that all-important offer!

1. Curb Appeal – Paint the Exterior of Your Home

What’s worse than a potential buyer turning up to see paint peeling off your home. The weather and time of year do have some say in whether you can paint the exterior, but if it’s possible to do it, then do it. Neutral colours are best as they appeal to the mass market, whereas bright colours could put some potential buyers off.

2. Curb Appeal – Clean up Outside

If your outside space around your home is cluttered, your property will make a weak first impression, and first impressions are so important for potential buyers. Spend some time clearing up the backyard, garden, and garage. If you have a pool, make sure it is free from leaves and dirt.

3. Painting the Interior of Your Home

Painting the interior walls of your home will not only help to brighten your rooms, but it will enhance the property’s market price and will give them a clean appearance. As with the exterior of the home, avoid bright, out there, colours and stick to neutral shades, this will appeal more to the potential buyer. Also, neutral colours that aren’t imposing on the room will make it feel larger.

If you don’t want to paint your home, the other option is to use wallpaper. Be sure to stay away from bold prints or daring colours. Use a natural colour scheme instead; light neutral colours are best.


4. Clean Your Flooring

Cleaning your flooring is a non-expensive task and can add an appeal to potential buyers. Arrange to have your carpets cleaned, and your hardwood floors waxed or polished.

5. Reduce the Number of Extras in Your Home

A lot of décor in the home can make rooms feel smaller and cluttered. Rooms with extra furniture and decorations can lessen the impact of the home on potential buyers. Making the home appear spacious and light is the aim. Store or sell unwanted decorations and furniture when you are trying to sell your property.


6. Let in Natural Light

A bright home helps to make it feel more spacious. Let in natural light by washing the windows inside and out, opening the blinds, curtains, and drapes; this will help to brighten up your home and make it feel inviting.

7. New Linen and Towels

Fresh linen in the bedrooms and new towels in the bathroom areas can help the spaces feel fresh and clean and well looked after.

8. Play Soft Music During a Viewing

Playing loud music in the background when a potential viewer is doing a walkthrough of your home can be off-putting. It is best to play music that is soft and ambient when your home is being shown.

9. Price Your Home Correctly from the Start

If a property has been on the market for a long time, it can generate a stigma which can put off potential buyers. The questions such as ‘What’s wrong with it?’ will appear and the listing’s asking price will eventually be reduced. Many sellers have the attitude that they can always drop their price, but this is an ill advised attitude to adopt. Research suggests that most activity will occur during the first two to three weeks of a property listing going live, with activity slowing down after a few weeks. The longer a property is listed for, the more buyers will feel that something is wrong with it. If you price your home correctly from the start, it is more likely to sell quicker.


10. Consider Hiring a Staging Company

Many real estate firms offer a staging service, or they have staff who can help with staging the home ready for photographs and viewings. Using a staging company can really maximize your home’s appeal to potential buyers.

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