Buyer’s Representation

Buyer’s Representation

Fact of the Matter

Generally, the majority of real estate transactions happen without an issue; however, most people have a hurdle or two. Quite often, these hurdles are routine, but sometimes they can be more complicated.

Real Estate Agents have divided loyalties, and it’s because of this that mistrust can occur. One party or the other could hesitate where the agent’s loyalties lie. These hurdles can create small challenges which, when blown out of proportion, can become a huge problem.

To remove any issues surrounding mistrust, having a Real Estate Advisor on your side can help keep things running smoothly. Then if a challenge arises, you know your agent stands by you. Additionally, the seller pays for it, not you!

Our Commitment

Our company’s Real Estate Agents are well educated in all legal areas of real estate practice and are licensed to provide real estate services by the Province of British Columbia. We act with integrity when providing services to home buyers and sellers, and we pride ourselves on this.

Highly Skilled Services

We actively keep our clients updated on at least a weekly basis because we know how stressful the home selling process is. We keep you up to date with the latest feedback, inquiries and market activity along with feedback from any showings or open houses. Our team are always available to touch base with you to run through any concerns you may have.

How are Buyer’s Agents Compensated?

Real Estate Agents don’t tend to earn a traditional salary, instead; they usually work on a commission basis which they only receive if they commence and complete a transaction for you. We are only compensated once ownership of your new home is transferred to you, and your needs are taken care of. Services that are given on your behalf are not paid to us unless you have purchased a home through us. Real estate compensation is usually only paid on the closing day, from the seller’s proceeds, not out of your monies. The buyer’s representation is often a free service, which protects your interests.

Your Commitment

Our team will invest considerable resources, time and effort in finding your perfect home, and we will represent you with integrity throughout the entire purchase process. In return, we would request a commitment that you will work exclusively with us, with loyalty, in finding and purchasing your new home.