10 Tips for Selling Your Home


The process of selling your home can be complicated with many varying stages. By making sure that you have strategies in place to promote a successful sale can be helpful to appeal to buyers. Here are our 10 best tips for selling your home.

1. Research and Remember the Facts About Your Home

Take time to research this vital information and have it available for real estate agents or buyers. It’s highly likely that buyers will have questions about the property/lot size, utility costs and other important information about your home. Research and be aware of the facts, so you have this information ready for potential buyers.

2. Record Recent Repairs and Permits

Buyers and real estate agents will likely ask about recent updates, additions and repairs carried out to your home. Examples could be central heating, a new roof, furnace or a new water heater. Any such items that have been added during your tenure should be listed out, and any receipts relating to these repairs should be stored together with the list, ideally in a folder ready to present to buyers and agents. Be prepared for questions such as ‘How much did it cost? ‘Who did the work?’ When was it installed? Were there permits used? These are important questions that buyers will ask.


3. Replace Light Bulbs

Any broken light bulbs will usually be replaced when you are preparing your home for photographs and staging. Consider changing light bulbs to a higher wattage, this will help to make your rooms feel more spacious and will brighten up the home. Never install a bulb higher than the maximum wattage, always check the light fixture first.

4. Remove Sentimental Items

If you have items in the home that you plan to replace before selling, remove these from the home prior to photographs and viewings. These items might be sentimental items such as a wall mirror, light fixture, or a family heirloom. Once a buyer has visited your home and makes an offer, it can be challenging to negotiate these items off the offer price.


5. Clean the Gutters

Make sure the gutters are clean and add extensions to clear the water away is a good idea for maintaining your home. You never know, a viewing may be scheduled for a rainy day, and you definitely don’t want water gushing from the gutters when the potential buyer arrives! It’ll also give buyers a great first impression that you take good care of your home.

6. Know the Best Facts About Your Home and Neighbourhood

The best bits about your home and the things you love in your neighbourhood make great selling points for promoting your home to potential buyers. Make notes, it’s quite likely your likes and interests will help a buyer readily see themselves living there.

7. Appoint a Building Inspector

Arranging a home inspection prior to the buyer’s inspection is a great way to make sure you are aware of any areas that could cause issues later on in the process. It’ll give an insight into any areas that require repairs or replacement prior to putting your property on the market. This pre-inspection will inform you of potential problem areas that can be taken care of early on in the process. After all, if the buyer’s inspection highlights too many areas needing repairs, they are likely to pull away from buying your property. By fixing the issues before marketing your home, you can prevent any potential problems later on.

8. Don’t Point Out Facts and Figures to Buyers

When a buyer is viewing your home, try to avoid pointing out facts and figures to them. Sellers can come across as sounding desperate to sell, and this attitude can hinder the selling process. This is an area where a real estate agent can be priceless when selling your property. An agent will take care of tricky negotiations and showing your home to potential buyers, so it isn’t something you need to worry about.

9. Create Curb Appeal

First impression is everything! Mow the lawn, put in colourful flowering plants, new soil or compost. Remove excess garbage and old furniture, move stored cars. Look at your yard as if you are a visitor.

10. Contact us for Assistance

We are professionals in this process and can answer any questions you may have. We can help to make the selling process smoother and more comfortable for you.


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