Preparing Your Home Inside & Out


When buyers come to view your home, first impressions are everything. Investing a small amount of money and time in staging your home correctly for photographs and viewings will give you a slight advantage over other local properties on the market.

Preparing Your Home for Photographs

The photographs taken of your home are so important as they will be used for brochures, flyers, website listings and a whole range of media; therefore, creating the best professional photographs is worth the preparatory effort. Here we look at ways to prepare your home ready for the all-important pictures to be taken.
Research suggests that 87% of buyers start their search online, professional photos could be the difference between whether your home makes their shortlist or not.

Cleaning and Lighting

  • Open all blinds, drapes and curtains
  • Switch on all lights, including lamps, and change any broken light bulbs
  • Wash windows inside and out
  • Remove excess clutter, vacuum and clean all flooring.

Staging a Kitchen

  • Remove personal photos, magnets, calendars, etc.
  • Clean all counters, so they are uncluttered and remove any appliances and utensils
  • Clear the sink of any dishes
  • Remove tea towels.

Staging a Living Room

  • Remove clutter from the living room including newspapers and magazines
  • Store remote controls out of view
  • Hide all cables and power bars as much as possible
  • Remove coverings such as rugs, throws, etc.
  • Rearrange the furniture, so the room looks as spacious as possible.

Staging a Bathroom

  • Clean and polish faucets and mirrors
  • Clear all countertops of clutter
  • Remove any stains from grout, sink and bathtubs
  • Use new towels and make sure the toilet roll is new with a hotel fold
  • Close the toilet seat lid
  • Clear away any personal items and cleaning products.

Staging a Bedroom

  • Clear clutter from the bedroom including anything under the bed that is visible
  • Make the beds with clean linen
  • Clear bedside tables from personal items, including tissue boxes, remote controls and alarm clocks.

Staging the Garden, Front Yard, Backyard and Pool

  • Move vehicles out of view from the front of the home
  • Sweep the sidewalks and pavement and clear any weeds
  • Mow the lawn
  • Trim hedging and trim any overgrown shrubbery
  • Move the garbage bins and hose out of sight
  • Clear away any lawn equipment and tools
  • Arrange outdoor furniture and play equipment neatly
  • If you have a pool, ensure it is cleaned with leaves removed and debris cleared & store any equipment out of sight
  • Switch any water features on.

Other Areas

  • Toy room –remove toy clutter and organize the room
  • Study – clear clutter from the desk, store paperwork and straighten any books, etc.

Other Types of Professional Photography

Twilight Photography

These are images that are captured at dusk, the ‘golden hour’ of photography. Twilight photography is an excellent idea for showcasing interior and external views. The light provided at this time is great for enriching colours and dramatizes the lighting.

360 Virtual Tours

A full-screen 360 virtual tour of the interior or the exterior of a property can give buyers and interactive experience, almost like they are there in person. 

Interactive Floor Plan

Much more than a usual floor plan, an interactive floor plan allows the viewer to click into areas of the plan to bring up corresponding photographs. It’s a great way to engage potential buyers.

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