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Catherine Larson

Catherine Larson

For five generations, Catherine’s family has been a part of the Victoria community. Her ancestors came to the area before it even became an incorporated town, and her roots run deep into the soil of southern Vancouver Island. For 30 years, her home has been in downtown Victoria. It’s the same home where she raised two children, where she started her own business, and where her two giant koi live happily in her backyard pond. Catherine’s success with Larson & Lambe Real Estate Group is a culmination of life experiences, insider knowledge, and hard work.

Victoria is part of Catherine’s past, present, and future. She was born here, she started a career here, and she uses her local insight to help clients find exactly what they’re looking for. Whether it’s a pet-friendly condo near Beacon Hill Park or a grand colonial with views of the bay, her local connections are invaluable to her clients that are buying or selling.

Part of that community connection is thanks to her time working with her family’s steel stud and drywall business, Benton & Overbury. Catherine worked as an estimator and gained valuable insight into the construction and renovation side of real estate. Remember the home she’s lived in for 30 years? Catherine has renovated that home three times, and she helps clients recognize the good and the bad in their own prospective properties. When she’s not redoing her kitchen or staging an open house, Catherine also has a talent for corner kicks and speed dribbling. She is a proud alumna of the Bays United Football Club in British Columbia. She loves a good pickup game in the park, and that natural athleticism also found its way to the golf course. She was Ladies Capitan for Victoria Golf Club and always appreciates a good day on the green.

Even better than a birdie on the 18th hole, Catherine knows what it feels like to find the perfect home in the perfect neighborhood. It’s exciting, gratifying, and more than a little comforting to know you’re investing in something so worthwhile. Catherine makes it her mission to help every one of her clients find that same satisfaction. She is always ready to roll up her sleeves and help a client landscape their lawn before an open house or talk a first-time home buyer through the pros and cons of a ductless air conditioner. You can catch Catherine at HomeSense gleefully finding new deals on decor or sipping good scotch during a nail-biting poker game. Out of all her hobbies, real estate takes center stage, and she’s looking forward to helping clients find success, satisfaction, and a place to call home.

Michael Lambe

Michael Lambe

As one half of the Larson & Lambe Real Estate Group team, Michael Lambe is a real estate agent offering clients a unique perspective when it comes to buying or selling a home. With years of construction experience, Michael knows homes inside and out—literally. He started as a brick layer when he was 17, and that part-time job led to more opportunities that taught him framing, renovating, plumbing and electrical. He’s grateful for those skills every time he invests in a new property, and his clients depend on his insight to help them make informed decisions.

For many, those decisions revolve around making Victoria feel like home. Having been raised in Victoria but also having U.S. citizenship, Michael is all too familiar with the process of building a home, belonging to a community, and understanding how four walls and a roof can impact a life. For him, Victoria has always been, and always will be, home. He lives in Victoria, he works in Victoria, and he plays golf at Victoria Golf Club. On weekends, he explores Victoria’s hiking trails, eateries, and entertainment. He knows where you can find good Thai food, what neighborhoods put up the best holiday lights, and he’s more than happy to share that insider knowledge.

Michael’s job as a real estate agent is about helping people feel at home. He earned his real estate license after already proving his hard-working reputation to his community. He owns a successful marketing company, and his services have helped countless small business owners send their kids to college and realize their dreams as entrepreneurs. Now with a focus on residential real estate, Michael is using his 23 years of web marketing experience to alter expectations for real estate agents. You’ll never see him put a house on the market and wait for someone to bite. With his degree in computer science and expert understanding of online marketing, Michael has something other agents don’t. He knows how search engines, websites, social media, and word-of-mouth marketing all come together to make a successful sale.

Whether he’s investing in his own properties or helping his clients make important real estate decisions, Michael found his passion when he helped formed Larson & Lambe Real Estate Group. He isn’t afraid to pull out a mower before an open house or take the lead in a tough negotiation. It’s all part of his professional devotion, and he’s excited to meet more members of his Victoria community.